Exeter Students’ Guild launch brilliant “Here to Talk” initiative

cheerful young woman making phone call on street

There are many fantastic campaigns across the country taking place at the moment in the higher education sector that are being led by Students’ Unions and Student Officers. We caught up with Exeter Guild recently, who have launched a new initiative called “Here to Talk”.

The Here to Talk initiative has been launched by the Students’ Guild this week as part of a ‘Get Connected’ campaign. Exeter Guild describe this initiative as one which “give(s) students an opportunity to check in, have a conversation and receive useful information that can help them through the pandemic”. They also suggest it “has had a huge impact on the opportunities available for students.”

person writing on notebook
Keeping in touch with people during the pandemic has been as important as ever.

The campaign is based on student staff (who have been trained as part of the initiative) calling first year students and giving them the chance to talk about how they are feeling and finding life at University. It has been a difficult year for many students across the higher education sector, and this initiative that Exeter Guild are leading is one as good as any in tackling just some of the issues that students have faced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The initiative also looks to go further than just being a ‘check-in’ and is focused on ensuring that students are aware of all of the support and opportunities that they have available to them during their time at University.

Liv Harvey, who is VP Activities at Exeter Guild has been one of the main driving forces behind the campaign. She said “I’m really pleased we’ve been able launch this initiative as part of Get Connected. It’s been a really difficult first term for students, and it’s important that we’re able to support as many students as
possible to make sure they have all the information possible.”.

Liv continued “Huge credit must go to our Activities team and also the amazing student staff who will be making the calls. I’d also like to thank the University for kindly funding the initiative. I look forward to seeing how successful this can be!”

You can find more information about Exeter Guild and the here to talk initiative by visiting their website and following them on Social Media.

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